Garden {U}pdate

I have time for a quick update of my gardening adventures.

My seedlings are… all dead.  Yup,

I left them near a window which apparently gets too cold at night.  Also, my boys, being impatient (wonder where they get that?) were plucking the little heads of the seedlings trying to “eat the watermelons”.

So, my next shot will be going to my local “big box store” and purchasing pre-grown seedlings!

There is my quick update… Thanks for checking in! 🙂



“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”  Luke 12:34 (ESV)

I find that my understanding of this verse has evolved over the years.  I used to believe that well, my treasure is in heaven so my heart (focus, desires, etc.) should be in heaven too.  There was sort of this guilt that I wasn’t so heaven-minded and for my desire for “earthly treasures”.

Quick, think of the things that matter the most to you.  

Done yet?  Let me guess… your spouse or significant other, your kids, your friends… Now, take a look at your calender and your bank account.  On what do you spend your time and your money?  


 Now, do the two lists match up?  Where your treasure is (your money and your time) reflects where your heart really is.  

I think most of us WANT to treasure all of those good things, but reality speaks differently.  Would those people in your life be able to say they are treasured?  Just something to think about. 🙂

Sumo Wrestlers and Airplane Pilots

My two boys have big dreams (literally).  From the first time they heard the term Sumo Wrestlers they were hooked.  We were flipping through a children’s atlas and there was a little picture over a map of Japan.

“What’s that?” they asked.

“A Sumo Wrestler” I replied.

Now, they both would like to be Sumo Wrestlers.  My oldest explained his reasoning, “I can be fat and wear my underwear to work.”  My 3 year old would simply like to punch people.  Oh, he also wants to be an airplane pilot.  My Husband explained that he’s not sure that he can be so big and be a pilot.  Peek-A-Boo (the 3 year old) said that he would just be a sumo wrestler then poop so he’d no longer be fat.  Then, he could go fly a plane.

I could explain to them all the reasons they couldn’t or shouldn’t follow these dreams.  I could explain that in a year or a month or a day they probably won’t want to be Sumo wrestlers at all.  Shouldn’t I plant them firmly in reality?  I could easily yank them down from the clouds and dash their little dreams.

But, I won’t.

I want them to know that their mama always believes in them.  If they want to dream, I say sounds great!  Let’s find out more about Sumo wrestlers or pilots or fire fighters or whatever!  Let’s fly our imaginary airplanes and stomp around like wrestlers.  Let’s enjoy this moment when you are so innocent and protected that you don’t care how far-out-there your dream is or even what it takes to get there.

For now I tell them to dream and dream big; dream huge even.  Maybe, just maybe, they’ll get to live those dreams.

Quick Post

Well, I had different ideas for posting today.  I was going to go “back to be roots” as it were-and talk about habit training (quiet time in particular).  But, today has different ideas for me.  

My friend’s kids will be coming over in…oh 2 hours or so to spend the day with us.  I have a slight headache and the house is a bit of a…well, disaster (with everything going on lately, that’s become the norm again 😦 ).  So, I at least wanted to be able to say I posted  for Q!  

Seriously, I could spend hours and hours on here.  But, not today!!  That’s my “quick post” for Q! 🙂 

Persecution & Perspective

I’ve always been drawn to stories of persecuted Christians.  When I was younger I devoured the stories of men like John Wycliffe and William Tyndale.  In more recent years, I’ve been so interested in Pastor Richard Wurmbrand and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

From my insulated, American lifestyle, persecution is unthinkable.  We get caught up in “Merry Christmas” wars while a Christian woman is being raped with a cattle prod in China.  We get worried about our kids learning about Islam i school while a Christian couple is sentenced to death in Pakistan.

The unfathomable, backwards mentality persecution of followers of Christ is current.  Its NOW, not in the 1600’s.

I highly suggest EVERY Western Christian educate yourself on the cause of martyrs.  Personally, I’m still praying about what God would have my family and myself to do help.  The first thing is praying for the persecuted themselves and the persecutors.  Here are some great resources to get yourself knowledgeable about persecution; past and present:

TFC Book
Click on the picture for a free copy from Voice of the Martyrs 

ob Fu and his wife escaped China when they found they were expecting their first child.  It is illegal to get pregnant without permission (even with your first).

Foxe’s Book of Martyrs – John Foxe (free, online reprinting)

 first read this as a teenager.  I think its a great introduction for students and teens.