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Quick Post

Well, I had different ideas for posting today.  I was going to go “back to be roots” as it were-and talk about habit training (quiet time in particular).  But, today has different ideas for me.  

My friend’s kids will be coming over in…oh 2 hours or so to spend the day with us.  I have a slight headache and the house is a bit of a…well, disaster (with everything going on lately, that’s become the norm again 😦 ).  So, I at least wanted to be able to say I posted  for Q!  

Seriously, I could spend hours and hours on here.  But, not today!!  That’s my “quick post” for Q! 🙂 



Okay, confession time.

I’m terribly impatient.  Like, chronically so.  To be fair, I have gotten slightly better as an adult.  However, I’m still seriously impatient.

I don’t like to wait for anything (including Christmas gifts).  Seeing unwrapped – anything  makes me all giddy and excited.  I have to put anything like that out of sight so it doesn’t drive me bonkers.

I also really want  what I want right away.  I think that is where a lesson of trust comes in, huh?  When I was pregnant this last go round, I was miserable at the end.  I would wake up almost every morning crying that I was still pregnant.  But, I had to trust that God was still perfecting my littlest one.

How often and in how many circumstances do I do that very same thing?  I want XYZ right now.  In reality, it just isn’t time yet.  It may, in fact, not be a blessing to me yet.  I’m not ready for whatever it is (job, money increase, more blog followers, another baby, fill in the blank).

So, I suppose one antidote for impatience is trust.

How do you deal with waiting?


Today marks the beginning of the A-Z blog challenge.  And it seems fitting that “A” falls upon my first day back to school.

I’m trying very hard to come up with a witty title that includes something about the letter A of course.  I guess I would like to make A’s in school, of course.  It is the first letter of the alphabet as well – see all the connections I’m making!

In reality, I’m a bundle of nervous excitement.  I haven’t sat in a classroom in years.  I went to public high school for 2 years.  After much drama including a family falling apart (mine), a house being lost, and a bout of depression (mine again), I opted to do school by correspondence.  The issue with correspondence school is that one doing said schooling needs discipline otherwise work simply doesn’t get done.  I had little to none of any sort of self control or discipline so finishing school was long and tiresome.

After I graduated from high school, I went to a local community college.  I really had no direction and at the slightest bit of challenge, I would drop a class.  Good grades have come pretty easily to me.  I never really had to push through anything before.  When the time came, I gave up pretty easily.  Eventually, I dropped college altogether.

I turn 30 this year.  I haven’t worked outside my home in 5 years.  And now I’ve decided to do something a bit different.  I’ve found through homeschooling just how much I love to learn along with my kids.  I also love massage.  So I’m going to learn how to give massages!

So, wish me luck!

First Grade Curriculum

I’ve been working on our first grade curriculum for this upcoming school year.  I wanted to share what I’ve come up with so far!

Just a note – almost none of this is  original.  I’ve used many sites and different curriculum as a guide.  I’ll put links in where applicable.

Bible Study:

The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories by Mary Batchelor
What the Bible is All About: A Bible Handbook for Kids
Window on the World
Reproducible Maps- Charts- Timelines & Illustrations

We’re using the Bible Road Trip – a free, really awesome Bible curriculum.  We’re doing the year one, lower grammar track.   We’re not going to do most of the digging deeper questions.  I don’t think my son is quite ready yet.

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