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Persecution & Perspective

I’ve always been drawn to stories of persecuted Christians.  When I was younger I devoured the stories of men like John Wycliffe and William Tyndale.  In more recent years, I’ve been so interested in Pastor Richard Wurmbrand and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

From my insulated, American lifestyle, persecution is unthinkable.  We get caught up in “Merry Christmas” wars while a Christian woman is being raped with a cattle prod in China.  We get worried about our kids learning about Islam i school while a Christian couple is sentenced to death in Pakistan.

The unfathomable, backwards mentality persecution of followers of Christ is current.  Its NOW, not in the 1600’s.

I highly suggest EVERY Western Christian educate yourself on the cause of martyrs.  Personally, I’m still praying about what God would have my family and myself to do help.  The first thing is praying for the persecuted themselves and the persecutors.  Here are some great resources to get yourself knowledgeable about persecution; past and present:

TFC Book
Click on the picture for a free copy from Voice of the Martyrs 

ob Fu and his wife escaped China when they found they were expecting their first child.  It is illegal to get pregnant without permission (even with your first).

Foxe’s Book of Martyrs – John Foxe (free, online reprinting)

 first read this as a teenager.  I think its a great introduction for students and teens.




Books! 3-27-14

I felt the siren’s call of new books :).  There was a Usbourne Book display at a local used clothing sale near me.  They’ve been quite popular in my house!  I bought 5 and got 1 of them free.  Here they are:

Picture of Animal Hide-and-Seek
his is a lift-the-flap and a touchy-feely book that my almost 1 year old really seems to like.  She keeps flipping through the pages to find different animals she can touch.  She especially likes the woolly lamb.  The boys love lifting the flaps to show their sister what’s underneath

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Books – 3/20/14

We managed to pick up a ton of library books this past week.  I’m trying my hardest to pin down our favorites.  I took a bit of a break with reading for myself.  I’ve burned myself out trying to plan all the homeschool curriculum so I got some of those ridiculous “Christian Romance” type books for a diversion.

This is a sort of disclaimer, I suppose.  I link these books to Amazon just so you can see what’s in them(and a secret love of linking things).  I don’t make anything off of the books or from Amazon.  I actually own surprisingly few of these books (usually bought second-hand!). We typically get these from our local library who is generously supported by my late fines.  I just want to share some of our favorite books.  I’d also love to hear from you! What are your favorite books?

his is really the first longer book that “Big Boy” has shown much interest in.  He’s been sitting through about a chapter and a half each time we’ve read it.  He thinks it is just so funny. I have a bit different perspective now that I’m older.  I really feel sorry for Pippi! This part about how Pippi puts herself to bed just cracks both of my boys up: “First I tell myself once, very nicely, and if I don’t obey, then I tell myself again very sternly, and if I still don’t obey, then it’s time for a spanking, of course.”

 good introduction into seeds & plants.  We just started our tray of seeds and this went perfectly along with that.  The boys still have a ton more questions and all I can say is , “I don’t know, let’s look it up!”

hat would you do if you heard strange noises coming from your new bathroom, only to find a crocodile living in your tub? I wouldn’t mind if it was Lyle!  He help with the laundry and the cooking and even makes beds!

 think I like the Gossie books even more than my kids.  They are so cute :).

Book Review Thursday: March 13

I’ve decided that today is devoted to everything Robert McCloskey!  I loved Make Way for Ducklings when I was a kid and am determined that it will be a favorite of my kids (I’m only slightly kidding).   I love the simplicity of the stories and the beautiful illustrations. Without further ado, our favorite selections from Robert McCloskey:

his is a cute story about a duck family looking for a home.  We love that the first reaction to ducks crossing the street is “Quick, call a police car!” I believe that a statue of these beloved ducks is in Boston Public Gardens

Big Boy has a harmonica and loved that Lentil has one too!

ll I know is that I would not be nearly as calm as this mama is after meeting a baby bear!

his story i seriously silly and a bit longer than the others I posted here.  It did lose the boys focus for a bit.