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Our Garden

My boys have been wanting to work in the garden for… well, forever!  I decided that will be our spring science project.  Considering I have a dead-black thumb (no plant survives my care) this will be an interesting experiment.  I’m hoping that my boys’ involvement will increase the likelihood of plant survival (seriously, I’m just wanting the plants to live… not high expectations on my part!)

We live in a condo so we have a very small patch of dirt area that is our yard.  The previous tenant put in lots of self-propagating perennials so little work for me and lots of beautiful flowers!  This year, we’re going to till and plant a smaller area of our small garden decided on leeks, carrots, lettuce and  watermelon.

We had one warm day last week so I decided to clean up from fall (I let the leaves just be and act as a mulch.. at least that is a good excuse for my laziness).  Here are some before and after pics:


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