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A Healing Birth: Part 2

So, we were on our way to the hospital!  I got very comfortable in the car.  I had a Jennifer Knapp CD playing and I was so relaxed that the only thing that got me out of the car was the urgent need to use the restroom!  It was around midnight at this point so we had to use the emergency room entrance.   I was handling the contractions so well and they weren’t following a pattern, no one really thought I was in labor (including my doctor when I called).

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A Healing Birth

I’ve decided to include the stories of my children’s birth since I, quite frankly, think pregnancy and childbirth are amazing.  And, its my blog so I can!  I’ve written about my first birth via c-section, this is the story of my second childbirth experience.

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The Birth of My First Born: Part One

I love birth stories.  I want to post all three of mine and I hope to eventually get more stories from readers to post!  Here is the story of my first born:

Throughout my pregnancy, both my husband and I just assumed we’d have a natural birth.  I didn’t have any other agenda except the feeling that my body knew what it was doing and I didn’t need to mess with the process of birth.   I decided we really needed some birth classes, however, since I had no idea what was supposed to happen and how to handle it! Continue reading The Birth of My First Born: Part One