Coming Back

I’ve been wanting to blog again.  I remembered I started this one and coming back it reminds me of opening an old diary.  It feels so odd to read these posts I wrote 3 years ago!

My reasons for blogging have changed (as have I).

Every so often I get uncomfortable.  I get uncomfortable with staying where I am.  I tend to make grandiose, lofty goals that I can’t quite seem to reach.  I work on them for a time – then… give up.  Right now is one of those times.

We just moved.  I am craving a routine.  While our lives are still in boxes and everything is disordered – I’m getting uncomfortable again.  I don’t want to just open all of my boxes and settle for what was.  I’m craving a change.

My purpose in this blog is to document my goals.  Maybe it will keep me more accountable?



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