What have we been up to…

We’ve started 1st grade with my oldest and Pre-K/K with my younger son.  I started out with very lofty ideals for our curriculum.  Frankly, some of the reading bored my son and I was getting frustrated.  I pared down our school day so it looks something like this:

Reading lesson (using This Reading Mama’s free curriculum)
A combo of a vintage math book and making notebook pages (we’re working on an adding book)
Once or twice a week reading out of our history book
When we get to it – spelling
Science usually blossoms out of something the kids are interested it at the moment (like reading through my Trail Guide to the Body and learning the bones & muscles)

Right now, that seems to be working for us.  My oldest hates to write so I try not to force the issue (too much).  I find when I push too much the interest starts to wane.  It’s about finding the right balance for us.

Has your curriculum “evolved” for homeschool?



One thought on “What have we been up to…

  1. My curriculum is always evolving. In this whole processing, I’m constantly learning about my own kids and how each of them learns best. The challenging part is that they don’t all learn the same way, so I end up always tweeking whatever curriculum we have.

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