“You’re Judging Me”

I’ve noticed a trend lately on quite a few blog comments.  There is this quickness to be offended.  Everyone wants to jump up and say, “But, but, you’re judging me!”  That drives me mad!

First off, as the new, proud owner of this here blog, I know first hand that just because a person has a blog that does not make them an expert.  Some random person on the internet posts something that somehow offends you.  Who is this person anyhow?  How can what they think and say really have that much impact on what you choose to do?

Next, there is such a thing as discernment.  I will not entrust my children to just anyone.  Am I judging you for not letting you watch my kids?  Should I even care that I’ve offended you?  That’s called discernment; checking out a situation before putting myself into it.

I won’t use formula.  I’ll make my own before I give my babies anything other than breast milk.  I’m aware that I just offended a whole group of women (if they were reading this anyhow).  Somehow that sparks the biggest, “you’re judging me” round of comments.  In somehow making a decision and making that decision public I’m judging an entire group of the population unknowingly.

How about we agree to disagree, sometimes?  Why can’t we just step back and admire that there are people different from us, who make wildly different choices with their lives.  Instead of being offended or quick to defend ourselves, why can’t we say, “good for you, I’m genuinely happy that way worked for you.”?!  But, instead we say, “Stop judging me”.

Of course, I suppose, I’ve just offended another group of people out there… Oops.


2 thoughts on ““You’re Judging Me”

  1. I often write on my blog “not to judge me” but that is just my way of poking fun at myself. Really who cares what people think and I completely agree why can’t we just agree to disagree. Who cares if you only want your babies to have breast milk. That is your decision and you are entitled to that. Sometimes that whole “you are judging me” issue stems from peoples insecurities.

  2. LOL….had to smile while reading this. People do have thin skin and who says we all have to be same, and why can’t we stayed we disagree on topic x y z without making it personal. I see it alot on facebook too. If you post something publically, you must be prepared or understand not everyone is going to agree with you. We all make judgments, rationalizations every day. For one I totally disagree the new old fad about breast milk. I say new old, because it was around for a long time, then no one did it for along time, then it came back. I know way to many women who don’t really nurse (as in hold the baby close and bond etc), they hook themselves up to a machine like a cow. Yes they’re giving their babies their breast milk but……..it’s not the same thing. We’re told it makes babies healthier and yet babies and kids have never been more sick from what I see. We’re told it’s helpful for allergies, and yet I truly don’t know a young person who’s given birth in the last ….3-5 ish years who’s kids don’t have allergies despite being breast fed. So, from my personal observations I think it’s a bunch of hooey. However, I think women and their husbands should make a decision that works for them. It’s a personal decision that doesn’t have to agree with others or have a stamp of approval. I wasn’t breast fed, and choose not to with my daughter 30+ years ago….my friends who did kids missed 3 or 4 x the number of days from school as did my daughter…again the health thing. As a woman still in the work force, I do resent women taking time to pump several times a day at work while the rest of us are working. And we then also have to avoid that area of the building, can’t use some office equipment during what to me should be done on their personal time, not company time. And so you and I will disagree on this topic……big deal I say, it’s not a problem from my perspective.

    Wrapping up with the a-z, in that I have a few letters that I’m making my 5 visits on due to being out of town. Want to catch up so I can truly say I finished. I’m continuing to blog a-z style in May.

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