Garden {U}pdate

I have time for a quick update of my gardening adventures.

My seedlings are… all dead.  Yup,

I left them near a window which apparently gets too cold at night.  Also, my boys, being impatient (wonder where they get that?) were plucking the little heads of the seedlings trying to “eat the watermelons”.

So, my next shot will be going to my local “big box store” and purchasing pre-grown seedlings!

There is my quick update… Thanks for checking in! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Garden {U}pdate

  1. I haven’t ever had luck with starting plants by seed, so I am right there with you buying the already started plants!! I do have luck with squash and pickles though but that is only because they go straight into the gardens ground.

  2. It sounds more like “damping off” than too cold. Once they sprout they do not need to be kept all that warm. As a matter of fact – too warm can kill them.

    If you didn’t use a special seed starting mix ( which is sterile) or those peat moss pellets – you are almost guaranteed to get damping off because of soil born pathogens.

    As soon as my seeds sprout I take them off the heater mat, and out from under the humidity cover. If it’s extra cold and dark, they can go back under the plastic – but not back on the heat. Damping off is deadly to seedlings, and it is the most common killer of them.

    1. I did use those starting pellets. I honestly have no idea what damping off is and that probably shows my ignorance of gardening altogether :). I read that watermelon like fairly warm soil and I noticed the morning after a particularly cold night they didn’t look so great. Who knows?! Lol. Thanks for the input!

  3. It reminds of the year I had the garden in the back yard. It was a wonderful adventure. What a lot of work it was. Former owners had planted grape vines which covered the garage.

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